Prevent Stains On Your Carpet

Oro Valley Carpet Cleaning Prevent Stains
Oro Valley Carpet Cleaning Prevent Stains

Protect Your Carpet from Stains

There is nothing better than a clean carpet. Nothing good ever lasts forever, however. There are always stains and grime for you carpet to catch on to. When you have kids or pets in the house, you may see your carpet dirtied a lot more frequently. From sweet treats, to mud, to those little accidents, there is a lot your carpet can suffer from.

How to Prevent Stains:

If you have stains on your carpet, there is a chance that your carpet isn’t protected already. A good protectant you can use is Scotchgard. Scotchgard is not difficult to apply; all you need to do is spray over your carpet. It would probably be a good idea to spray over your high traffic areas for it to be more effective. If your carpet is not already clean, it will be best to clean your carpet before the Scotchgard is applied to it. Get a few bottles, as one bottle may not be enough for the area you want to protect. If you hire a professional carpet cleaner, they will offer carpet protectant as a service to you.

Remove Shoes

If you want to get more involved and obsessive with your carpet’s cleanliness, you can ask everyone to take off their shoes before they walk on the carpet. Socks or bare feet will make it a lot harder to leave dirty tracks on your carpet. If that doesn’t help and you are still getting tracks, then someone probably needs a lesson in hygiene.

Physical Carpet Protectors:

There are also physical protectors you can place over your carpet. Unfortunately, they come in small parts and cannot cover the whole carpet. It would be a good idea to put them over your high traffic areas, or your most popular carpeted areas in your house. The material they can come in can berubber or plastic. The most common carpet protector is plastic. You can buy these at any department and home store.

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